Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Garena Master II 2.05 | DotA MapHack Garena v2.05 Download

Garena Master II v2.05 Added anti detection to maphack, Fixed Game Starting sound, Fixed Program abnormal termination.

v2.05 changes
- Fixed Program abnormal termination
- Fixed Game Starting sound
- Improved Name Spoofer: you will be able to see your own colored name on lan!

Download Garena Master II 2.05(mirror)
Download Garena Master II 2.05(via mapw3x)


Problem with Garena Client? Please, delete all your garena files and download it again from "Tools & Auto AFK System" tab -> Download Garena Client.

Help us translate to another languages! All you need to do is copy the English (en-US).ini on \Config\Languages\ and rename it to language that you will translate, then open it with notepad and start translating the strings... be careful to not remove the symbols (%s %d %c)


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