Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DotA 6.77b - Download DotA v6.77b.w3x

DotA 6.77b w3x – Download DotA v6.77b.w3x Map (Released). DotA 6.77 now has been released and came with lots of balance skills and stuff. In this update IceFrog just focused to skills remakes and tweaks to heroes and items. We hope for the next DotA 6.77b Map will be released with added new heroes and items, to make this game more fun and exciting. Well guys what do you want for the next DotA 6.77b? If you have interesting ideas, please leave your comment below! Dota 6.77b Map 

DotA 6.77b w3x Map Info 

Final Update: 

DotA 6.77b now has been released with removed Christmas themed elements, Fixed a death streak bounty bug, Fixed Fire Spirits instantly kililng Forged Spirits, Fixed Brilliance Aura’s self effect on Crystal Maiden not working properly and Fixed some tooltips. Map Name: DotA 6.77b Map Size: 8 MB Developer: IceFrog Language: English Released: 2013-01-10 

DotA 6.77b w3x Map Download Link 


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