Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GarenaMaster II_ v2.02 map hack

GarenaMaster II_ v2.02 fixed bug in Auto AFK System

GarenaMaster(GM) II v2.02

Changelogs GM II v2.01
- Added Auto AFK System for GARENA PLUS!
- (2.01) Fixed bug in Auto AFK System
- (2.01) Improved Auto AFK System speed on Garena Plus, thanks to DARK.ONE for tip
- Exp hack can be disabled now on Garena Plus
- Few improvements on GarenaMaster code
- New text added and few removed, please help us translate it to all languages! (read the english translation to see the text as example):
(added) _version_outdated
(added) _adsX_not_clicked
(added) _adsX_clicked
(added) _advertisementX
(removed) _ads1_not_clicked
(removed) _ads2_not_clicked
(removed) _ads1_clicked
(removed) _ads2_clicked


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