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SelfHack v2.04 by YourName Undetected 1.26a Download

Download SelfHack v2.04 by YourName Undetected 1.26a. SelfHack is probably the most easiest maphack known to man. All you have to do is place the provided files into your Warcraft folder, change the settings to fit your needs and run Warcraft 3 whenever you want to play. That’s it. No need to run any progams to inject anything.


* Reveal units on mainmap and minimap
* Remove fog on mainmap and minimap (Full or each player’s view)
* Show skills and cooldowns
* Make units under fog clickable
* Show enemy pings on the minimap
* Show player’s resources when you click on their buildings
* Enable trading in maps like DotA
* Color healthbars under fog grey
* Color invisible units which you can’t see (with dust or anything) purple (Yes, I’m alternative, no red!)
* Protect crashes caused by DotA -ah
* A roshan notifier which informs you whenever Roshan respawned with a text message and a white ping on the minimap.
* A rune notifier which informs you which rune spawned where in DotA and also pings with a special color on the minimap
* A camera hack which allows you to change initial values of distance, rotation and angle of attack, and also change the distance ingame via hotkeys
* Manabars which show mana of every unit/hero which has mana. (Note: You cannot toggle this feature ingame!)
* You can toggle most of the features on/off ingame
* Fully customizable hotkeys, you can assign all hotkeys to whatever key you want
* Undetected at BNet (most likely, currently unknown as Warden is offline). If you want to use this at Garena, you have to patch it first.

A following list of ingame(!) chat commands is also available:
/mh on
Turns all features on.
/mh off
Turns all features off.
Terminates Warcraft 3.
/distance x
Changes the camera distance to x, whereby x is obviously a number.

So, I downloaded it..
..but how do I use it?
As I already mentioned, extract the rar and put all files into your Warcraft 3 folder. If you want, you can change some options, but the default ones should be fine. Just run Warcraft 3 and it will automatically load.
..and what is a rar file?
In short, it’s a archive which contains files. Download and install WinRAR in order to unpack them.
..and it doesn’t work.
Run Warcraft III as admin. If it still doesn’t work, please provide some information (such as your Operating system) in this thread.
..and I want to distribute it all over the internet without credits.
Distribution on other websites is strictly prohibited. Linking to this page, however, is fine.
..but where’s my source code to change some stuff and release it on my own?
There’s no source code and there will never be one. Period.
..and I cracked your offsets and changed stuff with a hex editor!
Good work sheriff!
..and I can’t run Warcraft after I closed it once.
Open up your task manager, go to Processes, search for war3.exe and terminate it.
..and what are the default hotkeys? I just see some weird numbers.
Those are actually hex numbers determining the keys. F5 is for toggling the maphack on/off, and Plus/Minus on your Numpad allow you to change the distance ingame. A link to all available keys is provided in the settings file.
..and I can’t connect to BNet?
Yes, this is a known bug. Once you joined single player, lan or BNet, you cannot connect to BNet before restarting Warcraft.
..and it throws out some error which includes “MSVCR100.dll”! What’s wrong?
You need the Visual C++ 2010 Runtime (x86) in order to run it.
..and when I start Warcraft, all I get is a black screen. Nothing more.
Make sure to run your Warcraft as admin, turn of all Antivirus programs and if nothing of these work, run Warcraft in XP compatibility mode aswell.
..and nothing changes. No hotkeys work, nothing.
(Re)install the Visual C++ 2010 x86. Yes, x86, no matter if you got a 32bit or 64bit system.
I got banned!
I don’t care. There’s always a risk, but if you got really banned because of my maphack, WUtil is detected aswell and there’ll be more people crying about it.
Are there any credits?
* Exzap from skillhackers for some really great help on major things.
* Marcus and Chaotic for other important help.
* Jolinar for being awesome.
* Tracky for the neat icon idea!
* aCid for his TextOut function.
* Lynn for the source of his Manabars.
* D3Scene for being a great community. of leechers
* You for using my hack.

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