Sunday, April 10, 2011

MapHack 6.71b Gold | DotA MapHack Garena v6.71b Download

Download MapHack 6.71b Gold – DotA MapHack Garena v6.71b has release now. looking for latest Dota Map Hack gold ? yeah you can download at link below. The name is just The same with the original. Tho it’s a collided map therefore this doesn’t replace or read as an original map with Frozen Throne, Garena and Battle Net.

If you create a game with this map, even if the other player have the original map and has the same name with your map. Their PC Will DL it if they join your game.

Dota Map Hack Gold Dotav6.71b
-aw(1space) = 1000
-ma(4space)= 900
-di(1space)= 1199


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