Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GProxy++ Reconnection Tool Download

Download GProxy++ Reconnection Tool. This is the first public test release of the GProxy++ reconnection tool. Please keep in mind that this tool is the initial version. As with the early hosting bots, this is the initial technology that will be used as a base to expand from and grow in the future. Be patient if there are bugs or features missing.

As of right now, Throneit.com and DotaPub.net already support this protocol. It will take some time for other servers, platforms and tools to update to support this protocol, but the tool (and the server) are open source. There are already various platforms and communities working on expanding on these features and integrating them. Anyone is free to use the source code to improve their services for the community. The tool is currently set up to connect to battle.net/pvpgn in LAN mode, but can be modified to be used with many different platforms.

This specific version of the tool (GProxy++) is a “disconnect protection” tool for use with Warcraft III when connecting to specially configured GHost++ servers (GHost++ Version 17.0 and newer only). It allows the game to recover from a temporary internet disruption which would normally cause a disconnect.

When you start GProxy++ for the first time it will ask you to enter some required information such as your CD keys and battle.net login information. This information will be saved to the plain text configuration file “gproxy.cfg” which can be edited with a text editor whenever you wish. GProxy++ runs in console mode (text only) – this was done for simplicity and in order to ensure it can run on as many operating systems as possible such as Linux and OS X.

GProxy++ works by connecting to battle.net and requesting a list of games and then displaying those games on the LAN screen of your Warcraft III. Any games which support GProxy++ reconnections will show up in blue and all other games will show up in white. You will need to connect to a “blue” game in order to be protected by GProxy++. Note that GProxy++ doesn’t automatically start displaying the public game list, you will need to use the “/public” command to do this. If you want to join a private game you will need to tell GProxy++ to look for that game with the “/game My Game Name” command.

If your internet connection is lost GProxy++ will attempt to reconnect to the GHost++ server every 10 seconds. In most cases the other players will be presented with a lag screen and they will wait for you to reconnect. However, there is a time limit to the reconnection which is chosen by the server operator and which defaults to 3 minutes. If the reconnection cannot be completed in this time limit you will be dropped from the game.

Since you must join the game from the LAN screen your Warcraft III will not be directly connected to battle.net and therefore whispers and battle.net notices will not be sent in the usual way. GProxy++ will relay whispers to and from you but it cannot make those whispers show up in green therefore they will appear as chat messages originating from you. Due to the way Warcraft III handles replies, you must use the “/re” command instead of “/r” to reply to a whisper, but beware that if someone else whispers you while you are typing your reply the reply will go to them instead of the intended recipient.

As a final note, please keep in mind that GProxy++ is new and may have bugs. If you run into any problems please have patience and let us know on these forums. In addition, if your community/platform supports reconnections, please post on these forums or send me a PM so we can be aware of it for further announcements.

EDIT: Special thanks to buck_choi for all his help testing the very first versions of this tool.


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