Sunday, April 3, 2011

GarenaMaster 70.01 | Latest Garena Hack 6.71b Wc3 hack Garena Mast3r v70.01

Download GarenaMaster 70.01 – Latest Garena Hack 6.71b Wc3 hack Garena Master v70.01. This is the latest Garena Master update that works for latest Garena updates (- Updated to new garena (2011/04/2)) and with the following:

GarenaMaster Features:

* Name Spoofer
* Room Auto-joiner
* No full room dialog error
* Room chat flooding
* EXP hack(50 – 150 exp/15 min for BM,100 – 300 exp/15 min GM)
* Hide adsLeave room while playing
* Super admin,gold,prenium,channel admin and league admin styles(server sided)
* Super clan nudge
* Exact ping view
* Multi Client
* and many more!

Warcraft Features:

* Reveal units on Mainmap
* Remove FOG on Mainmap
* Reveal units on Minimap
* Remove FOG on Minimap
* Enable Trade / View Resource
* Make units clickable
* Reveal Illusions
* Reveal Invisibles
* Show Runes
* Show Skills / Cooldowns
* Bypass dota -ah
* CAM Distance Hack
* Cooldown hack [1.24d only]
* Mana Bars – Credits to: cqccyh
* Rune Notifier
* Ally/Enemy/All Hero icon
* Reveal Ping Signal
* Gray HP
* Red invisible units
* Delay Reducer (
* Custom Cam Distance Hack
* Host Hack

Dota Features

* Auto Dodge of hero spells
* Show enemy clicks
* Show hero lines
* Show cs in numbers
* Camera Hack by scroll
* Show cs buff in numbers
* Gray HP under Fog

CS 1.6 Features

* Wall Hack
* Aim bot
* Radar
* and more!

Guide How to Use

1. Extract the downloaded file anywhere
2. Open GM
3. Click on the start icon (you would surely see it)
4. A new GM would open for the garena,warcraft and dota features
5. Choose the features you want in the garena tab,then click patch
6. Join any room
7. Open warcraft
8. Go to warcraft tab on gm with your version of war3 and choose the features you want
9. Click on patch
10. Go to the “Dota Features” and click Inject.


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